Well, as of Wednesday night we have plane tickets! Our vacation destination has been decided – Cancun, Mexico! We are all very excited. With that excitement comes some extra motivation to get my butt to the gym each day! I’ve had success so far. I ran on Wednesday night – four miles, still not as fast as I wanted but getting there. I am hoping race adrenaline will carry me next Sunday. Last night I decided to change it up and I biked 9.5 miles for about 45 minutes — so not a terribly grueling pace or effort, and then did some ab work on the machines.


As I mentioned, I had been doing a lot of research and thinking about motivation. I decided yesterday to not focus on the ultimate weight goal, but rather to break it down to my goal for this trip — then set a new goal when that is achieved, and so on. I weigh myself “officially” on Friday mornings – and I am down a little over a pound in the last week. Now that I am full time back on this plan, hopefully the pounds will start to shed again more rapidly. At two pounds a week or so, I should be right on target to meet my vacation goal in advance of the trip. Baby steps!

With all the Easter candy lurking around the office (and my house as I prepared gifts for people), it has been difficult to resist – but moderation is always key. I am easing back into this plan. The remainder of April will be focused on basic calorie counting and working out. May will bring something a little more strict. I am considering giving up all alcohol for the month. We will see how that pans out.

I have to get one last long run in this Saturday morning early before the race next Sunday. We’re going wine tasting Saturday afternoon – so working on building up that calorie deficit before we go!!


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