Race Expo Day!

I finally got my butt out of bed this morning and hit the treadmill for a little 3 mile run. With the race on Sunday, that’s all the plan called for. I pushed hard and ran my best 3 miles of the year, so I am happy about that. I am hoping that’s going to send me right into a PR on Sunday. 

I am going to head down to the race expo today to get that out of the way. Nike does their expo different, in that it is an “Expotique” and they don’t sell anything there. Most of the displays are Nike products. You can get a little swag by showing that you use their products and training plans, etc., see new gear, get fitted for sports bras and shoes. They also have makeover stations — the whole women’s marathon bit. I’m sure Nuun will be there so that we can try the different electrolyte water flavors and Luna bars. I love race expos, though this one is not quite the same experience. Image

I am also hoping they do the traditional wall with all the runners’ names on it – that’s probably one of the coolest things! It sorta makes it official when you see your name listed there with the other THOUSANDS of runners! I am getting excited for the race and am hoping for a really good day!


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