Very Active Weekend

Well, I did it! I hit 15,000 steps on Friday, as I had planned. While I didn’t actually get to the gym – I did walk to Logan Circle to pick up my race bib and then up to check out the new Trader Joe’s … and I had walked home from work. So, I definitely got the steps, miles and cardio in! Image

Saturday wasn’t as active as I had hoped – though I reached 10,000. I didn’t go to the gym. My day really got ahead of me and then I decided I didn’t want to wear myself out before the race on Sunday morning.

Sunday, however I overdid it! I ran the race – at an excellent pace for 10k! I was very pleased with that. I walked home from the race (another 1.5 miles) and took a quick shower. I didn’t have the FitBit on until I left the house again for my next adventure. I volunteered at a local urban/school farm! I spent 3 hours digging trenches, pulling weeds, creating beds and planting at the farm! Talk about a ton of physical labor! And a lot of fun! Then, I walked home! I reached my steps by 2:30 in the afternoon — and was lazy the rest of the day! My body needed a rest!

I am not 100 percent sure what my starting weight was last week, seems I wrote down two different things – but I did lose something last week! So, I am just going to be happy that there was a little move in the scale and will see what this week brings!


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