I am Melisa, aka the Gentlelady from California. I have a passion for farming and agriculture, likely from my having been brought up on a dairy farm. I love to travel (original, I know). I may have been born with a book in my hand – and am a bookworm to this day. I have an appreciation for proper grammar and am not afraid to let you know when you’re abusing it! I have three beautiful nieces and they have filled my heart in a way that I never expected. I love to attend concerts – live music is almost always amazing, even if I don’t even know the artist(s). I have a sewing machine and somewhat know how to use it. I need to work on more projects – it’s presently collecting dust in my house!

In my quest to lose weight and get fit, I have finally declared myself a runner, albeit slow. I am making progress and finished my first full marathon in 2014. I lost about 50 pounds a year ago and am still on the quest to lose a few dozen more. I love to cook and host people for meals – Pinterest is always a distraction for me! 

Well, that is me in a nutshell – updates to come! Thanks for joining me on this journey that is my life!



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